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Bi Friends

Bi friends around the world

Bisexual Friends
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This community is here for bisexuals and allies to make new friends from all over the world. Talk about everything from your experiences comming out, challenges your face in your life or just your day to day. This is a place to make friends and share experiences.

Because this is in a group that welcomes those of all ages, there is a zero tolerance for porngraphy, illicit conversation, adult language and icons that feature sexual scenes, nudity (exceptions would be classical paintings that aren't of a sexual nature), and erotica. This is a PG-13 community.

No trolling the list to try and pick up dates or sexual partners. There will be no personal haressment, threats, personal attacks, or flaming. This is a place where everyone should feel safe so all such posts will be deleted as soon as the moderator is made aware of them. Also please note before you are about to promote in our community: Unless the community that you are promoting would allow us to promote in theirs, don't. Posts promoting communities that don't allow promotions will be deleted.